Monday, September 23, 2013


Dear Family,

This week I got transferred to Taubaté!!  It was pretty crazy and I wasn´t really expecting to get transferred here but so far I am really liking the area.  Taubaté is in the zone Guaratinguetá which is the farthest zone away from the city.  After spending the first half of my mission in the city I got transferred to the country haha.  It is really weird to be here in the country after being so close to the center of São Paulo.  To get here I had to take a 3 hour bus ride and we passed a ton of fields with horses and cows and stuff haha. This is the farthest zone away from the office and the areas here are a lot bigger than the other areas that I´ve passed through.  I am really liking it here though. It kind of reminds me of a small town in Texas.  It is a lot calmer and quieter here than the other areas that I´ve been through.  The ward is a good sized ward and the members seem really great.  There is also a set of sisters in the ward so every day we have our lunch appointments with the sisters.  My new companion is Elder Caetano he is a Brazilian from Pernambuco which is the same place that Elder Ciriaco was from.  He is really awesome.  Elder Caetano and I are the zone leaders of Guaratinguetá.  This zone historically has the reputation of being the hardest zone in the mission.  However I don´t think that it´s as hard as people say it is and i´m sure that the zone is going to have a lot of success.  Being a zone leader is a lot like being a District Leader just that when I was a District Leader I was responsible for the success of my area and the other 2 areas in my district.  Every night I would call up the other areas in the district to see how things were going and to try and help them have success.  Now as a zone leader Elder Caetano and I are responsible for the success of our area and all the other 8 areas in the zone.  So every night we call up the district leaders in the zone and try to help them.  And every night the assistants to the President call us up to see how things are going.  The missionary who was here in this area before me as the zone leader was Elder Bangerter.  While he was the zone leader the zone had a lot of success and now he is one of the assistants to the president!  And President sent me here to take his spot as zone leader.  It is kind of an intimidating idea to take his spot as zone leader of one of the hardest zones in the mission but I am sure with the Lord´s help we will be able to continue having success.  God doesn´t call the equipped he equips the called!
Love you all and hope you are well!!

-Elder Caleb Anderson 

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