Monday, November 26, 2012

Awesome Baptism

Dear Family,
Thank you as always for you emails, letters, and support. This week
has been another rough week as far as teaching is concerned. A couple
weeks ago we were teaching close to 40 lessons per week and now we are
struggling to get 20. However we are still trying and I expect this
week will be better. The highlight of this week was the baptism of
Wanderley (18 years old). I don't have a whole lot of time to email
today. However things are still going well here in Vila Galvao. We
have a transfer coming up in about two weeks and I think that either
me or Elder Bangerter will get transferred out of Vila Galvao. I'm
not sure how I feel about it, I kind of want to get a brazilian
companion to improve my portuguese but I kind of want to stay with
Elder Bangerter too because we've been having so much success. We'll
see in a couple of weeks though. Here is the story of Wanderley's

The highlight was the baptism we had yesterday of Wanderley (18 years
old). We met Wanderley at church one day because he is dating the
Bishop's daughter and she brought him to church. From the very
beginning he was very interested in the lessons and was quick to
accept everything that we were teaching him. He didn't have any
problems with the commandments except for coffee which he dropped as
soon as we taught him the Word of Wisdom. When we taught him in his
house we found out that his Mom had already received all of the
lessons about 10 years ago from a pair of sister missionaries and that
she had been to our church several times but had never decided to be
baptized. He also lives with his Dad but his Dad has never been
baptized. On the day of his baptism his Mom, Dad, and little brother
came. The Spirit was very strong in the baptism and in the second
half of the meeting after the ordinance was done, Irma Kleber who was
conducting the meeting asked the Dad if he wanted to say a few words.
The Dad got up and was in tears, he said that while he was sitting
there watching his son enter the water God touched his heart and
that someday he will be doing the same thing that Wanderley is doing.
It was an awesome baptism and we have an appointment marked to teach
the Dad on Thursday.

That's all I've got time for this week! Thanks again for your emails!
Elder Caleb Anderson

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