Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another Great Week in Vila Galvão

Dear Family,
Thank you for you letters and your encouragement. This week was another great week here in Vila Galvão. The highlight of the week were our baptisms yesterday of Flavio and his son Rian. They are 2 more of God´s elects that are starting down the right path. I will include their story at the end. The work is going well here. All of our baptisms here have been great experiences and each one of them has an amazing story. I can´t believe it´s already December. A week from today we will find out about the transfers!! I really hope that Elder Bangerter and I both get to stay here in Vila Galvão but I think the chances are slim. I think one of us will leave and it will probably be Elder Bangerter. Which is too bad, we´ve had a lot of success here in Vila Galvão and I still feel like we have a lot of work to do. However I think we have built up some momentum here in this ward and if one of us leaves next week the new Elder will be coming into a good situation. Today is P-day and I think we are going to the stake center to play soccer with the other missionaries and some investigators. It´s going to be fun and I think will do Americans vs. Brazilians as usual. Us Americans actually do pretty well against the Brazilians, I´d say it´s about even. Other than that I don´t have too much news for this week. Here are the stories of the amazing baptisms.
Yesterday we had two more baptisms of Flavio and his son Rian. We found Flavio last week when we baptized his son Wanderley. During the baptism he said that God had touched his heart and that he will definitely be baptized one day as well. On Tuesday we went by his house and talked to him and he told us about how 3 years ago he was in a very bad car accident and suffered a severe head injury. He was dead for 5 minutes, all of his family had given up and were on the side of the road crying because they thought he had died. He said that after 5 minutes he miraculously woke, was rushed to the hospital, had his head sown back together, and recovered. After we tought him the Gospel of Jesus Christ he said that he knew God saved his live because he has a purpose here on this earth and that he believes baptism is part of that purpose. He thanked us and told us that God had sent us to him to help him fulfill his mission in life. Yesterday he was baptized with his son Rian and next week he will be confirmed with Rian and his other son Wanderley who we baptized last week. He is a great investigator and you can´t ask for a better baptism than that.
Thanks again for all of your emails, letters and packages!
Elder Caleb Anderson

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