Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 3/4 Update

Dear Family,
I hope everyone is doing well at home. Thank you for your emails, letters, and support. This week went well. Recently we have been working with the youth in are ward and trying to get references from them. S o far it seems to be working well. The youth in our ward really have the missionary Spirit and want to share the gospel. They are always inviting their friends to church, seminary, and other activities. It makes being a missionary in this ward easy. We are going to try to give the adults in the ward this same Spirit. The key to missionary work here in Vila Galvão is working through the members. When we work through the members we find better investigators who have a much higher chance of staying firm after baptism.
Lately we have been teaching a girl named Jessica who is the girlfriend of a young man in our ward named Gabriel. On Saturday night we had planned a family night at the Patriarch´s house where we were also planning to do the Jessica´s baptismal interview. So we met up with the zone leader and district leader at around 5:30 and started heading to the patriarch´s house. The only problem was that at about 5:35 it started POURING down rain. The four of us started running through the streets in a huge thunderstorm and got completely soaked. It was a pretty funny sight though by the time we finally showed up at the patriarch´s house because all 4 of us looked like we had just gone swimming. But our district leader did the Jessica´s interview and she passed. Afterwards Elder Heiner and I made cookies which were a huge hit. They don´t really have cookies down here. Yesterday Jessica was baptized and it was a really great baptism. She was a great investigator. She learned really fast and had great questions all along the way.
That´s about all I´ve got to report for this week!


Elder Caleb Anderson

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