Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reporting Live From VILA GALVÃO

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Yes, I am still in Vila Galvão. Looks like I will be staying here for at least 7.5 months. However I am really excited for this transfer. Elder Heiner and I have some really great goals for this transfer and a lot of it has to do with reactivation. This week was a great week. The highlight of the week was a baptism yesterday. We baptized a lady named Karla. She was a reference that we received from the Elders in the São Paulo North mission. She had been going to church by herself with her 2 year old son for a month in the São Paulo North mission before those Elders passed her address to us. We went there and taught her and she accepted everything extremely fast. She was a golden investigator. She gave up coffee the day that we taught her the Word of Wisdom. She is somehow related to the patriarch in the other stake so the patriarch came to our ward yesterday and bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting and spoke in the baptismal service. She Spirit was very strong during the baptism and many were in tears. It was definitely one of the most Spiritual baptismal services that I´ve attended.
Another funny experience that happened this week was that we went to the mission office on transfer day to try and pick up a gas tank for our house. We have a stove in our house but to use the stove you need a gas tank which we don´t have. However the secretaries told us that there was an extra one at the mission office and that we could go by and pick it up. So we went took the bus to the subway and the subway to a stop close to the mission office and afterwards made the walk to the mission office. Well we got to the office, picked up the gas tank which turned out to be a lot heavier than we expected. We made the walk to the subway station again and by the time we got there we were sweating and very tired. We started trying to enter the subway station and the guy that was working there freaked out! I think he thought that we were American terrorists or something, trying to enter the subway station with a big tank of gas hahahaha. Anyways they told us that there was no way they would let us into the station with a tank of gas and that we could forget about it. So we had to make the long walk back to the office with the heavy gas tank and drop it off again and come back home empty handed. The hard lesson learned was that you can´t enter a subway station with a gas tank. We both felt pretty dumb about not thinking of that before hand hahaha but you live and learn right?
That´s all I´ve got for this week. Hope you are all doing great!
-Elder Caleb Anderson

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