Monday, May 6, 2013

Dia das Mães is arriving!!!

Dear Family,

Thank you all for your emails and support. This week is really rushed too so this email will be short. But I am super excited for Mother´s day to do skype!! This week was a good week. We´ve got some really great investigators who are progressing well. This week should be really good. We are still working with Junior and he is progressing well. Hopefully this week he will be completely prepared for baptism. I am really loving the ward here. The people here are really great and they help a lot. This morning I went to go get my haircut for the first time here in Brazil. It was pretty cool because you can get a really great haircut for cheap. However I need to brush up on my portuguese haircutting vocabulary because I didn´t understand a word the guy said!! Anyways I just kept saying ´´yes, yes, yes´´, however that wasn´t the best move because now I look like a Porcupine!!!! It is kind of funny actually but mostly just embarrassing. Especially because right now we are going to a zone p-day activity and we don´t have time to pass by the house. Anyways I think I´ll try and get a picture and send it to you guys. Its a pretty funny story that I think I will remember for a long time. That´s about all I have time for this week!
I love you all and am looking forward to Sunday!

-Elder Caleb Anderson

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