Thursday, October 10, 2013

General Conference

Dear Family,

This week was a little bit tough as far as the work goes but hopefully this next week will be better.  I enjoyed watching General Conference and am excited to study the talks more in the future.  I think I learn more by reading and studying the talks than by watching them for the first time.  Not a whole lot happened this past week that is worth writing about.  On Thursday night Elder Caetano and I made the three hour trip to São Paulo and spent the night there.  On Friday we went to our leardership counsel at the mission office.  It was a good meeting and we learned a lot from President Ferrin.  He talked about the importance of being an example to be a leader.  If we aren´t showing the example by working the hardest and being the most obedient.  then we would be a hypocrite to ask someone else to work hard or to be obedient.  I also really liked one of the conference talks in the Priesthood sessions that talked about how if we want to have success as a missionary we have to be humble, obedient, and we have to be able to feel and follow the Spirit.  I know that this is true and I am trying ever day to improve in each one of these three things.  That´s about it for this week!
Thanks for the emails, packages, and letters!  Hope you are all doing well!

-Elder Caleb Anderson

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