Monday, November 11, 2013


Dear Family,

This week was a good week.  Things are still a little tough as far as the work is concerned but Elder Zancheta and I have faith that things will soon improve.  We are learning ever day about things that we need to improve in order to work better and have more success.  We are trying our best to work hard every day and be obedient, but still find ways to have fun during the day.  Right now we have an elder living in our house from Argentina named Elder Martinez and he is SUPER funny.  He is a short, fat, guy from Argentina who speaks Portuguese with a really strong spanish accent.  He´s always messing around and it makes for a fun time in the house.  Other than that there´s not much new to report.  Here in Taubaté there is really good Açaí.  I don´t know if I´ve already written home about açaí but it´s a fruit that grows in the amazons.  Anyways this fruit is small and purple and here they make really good ice cream and juice out of it.  It is really, really good and it gives you a lot of energy when you eat it.  Here farther away from the city you can buy really good quality açaí for really cheap.  It is one more perk to serving far away from the city.  Love you all and hope that you are well!  Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

Elder Anderson

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