Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finishing March Already

Dear Family,

Thanks again for the emails and support.  This week was a good week.  We were able to work a little bit more in the field which was great.  We worked on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday in our area and on Friday we did a division with some elders in another zone.  We went to the zone Itaquaquecetuba and I worked with a new american missionary that got here on Tuesday.  On Tuesday the 9 americans got here to the mission.  Nowadays any missionary that is coming to Brazil that has been serving in a U.S. mission waiting for their visa, has to go to the São Paulo MTC for 2 weeks before coming to the field.  At first I thought that this was a little bit ridiculous to have to go back to the MTC after serving in the field already, but these americans that got here on Tuesday are speaking really, really good portuguese.  Just goes to show you that the missionary department knows what they´re doing.  The 9 americans had been serving different missions in the U.S. so they already have a lot of experience, they just need to learn the language.  So on Tuesday we were wrapped up in getting the new americans here, training them, and giving them their new companions.    Then on Tuesday night at 11:30 three brazilian elders arrived coming to our mission.  These three brazilian elders had been serving in Venezuela but due to political problems the church had to pull out all missionaries from Venezuela that aren´t natives.  So these three brazilians came to our mission.  Of the three, the one who has less time on the mission has a year and seven months haha so they are just coming here to finish it up their missions. 
Then the rest of the week went fairly smoothly.  We had two investigators at church on Sunday.  they are both marked for baptism and we are really excited about it.  The man that we found last week went to church yesterday so that was really cool.  In the ward that we work in there are six missionaries.  Us, the zone leaders, and a district leader and his companion.  And last night we had a special fireside for the whole ward that was planned by the zone leaders.  It was really cool.  There was a workshop part at the beginning where us missionaries gave trainings to the members on how they can help us and how they can talk to their friends about the gospel.  I gave my trianing on how to help investigators fulfill their commitments.  Then after the training we did an activity with everyone.  We had all of the members write down on a piece of paper the names of EVERYONE that they know who isn´t a member of the church.  Then we had each member say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to reveal the name of 6 people on the list that were ready to receive the gospel.  It was a really great activity and at the end of the night we had over 300 referrals!!  Other than that there isn´t much to report for this week!
Love you all,

Elder Caleb Anderson

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