Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Agora Sim

Dear Family,

I hope you are all well.  Thank you for the prayers and fasting.  I know that they help a lot.  This week we were able to have the baptisms of Andrea and her son Nathan (10).  It was a really special baptism and the Spirit was really strong.  She is the Mom of the family that I wrote about last week and Nathan is the son.  The father, Reginaldo, also has the desire to be baptized but needs a little more preparation.  Anyways here is the story of these two people.  One day I was on a division and Elder Bracken stayed here in Vila Industrial to work with one of the Zone Leaders.  They were on the street close to one of the member's houses when a lady randomly came out of one of the houses on the street.  She indroduced herseld as a member of the church from Bahia (another part of Brazil which happens to be the same part of Brazil that this Zone Leader is from).  She was in town to visit some family, nobody in this family was a member of the church.  So she invited them to come back the next day to meet her family and eat food from Bahia.  However the next day the division was done and I was back in the area.  Elder Bracken and I went there and we met the family, the entire family is really awesome and SUPER friendly.  We started teaching this family and the lesson just wasn't going well at all.  None of our questions seemed effective and they didn't seem to really understand our message.  However at the very end of the message another member of the family walked in named Andrea.  She is about 32 or 33 and lives in the house above the house of the family we were teaching.  Anyways we met her and marked another day to come back and teach.  When we came back we met her two sons Nathan(10) and Kauan(4) and also her husband Reginaldo.  We taught the family and they were super receptive!  Andrea and the sons went to church last Sunday and liked it a lot.  However Andrea didn't know if baptism was the right thing to do.  However she accepted our invitation to pray about it and she said that when she prayed about it she felt a "really good sensation of peace and joy".  We explained to her that this was the Holy Ghost answering her question.  After that she was set on baptism and Nathan was baptized with her!  We even had a suprise visitor for the baptism, President Ferrin!  He and Sister Ferrin surprised us by showing up during sacrament meeting.  They were able to meet Nathan and Kauan and watch their baptisms.  It was an awesome experience and show how the Lord puts people in our path to teach and baptize that sometimes we don't even expect.
Other than that story there is not much to tell about this week.  This morning we played a ton of soccer with other missionaries and it was really fun.  However now I am super tired.
Love you all and hope that you have a good week!

-Elder Caleb Anderson  

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