Monday, July 22, 2013

Hump Day

Dear Family,

Thank you once again for the emails and the support.  This week was a good week but it was a little bit slow because Elder Bracken was sick.  He talked to the doctor and the doctor diagnosed it as a stomach bacteria that he most likely got from something he ate.  Anyways he had to stay home and rest a little bit during the week but now we are back to 100 percent!  We are teaching some excellend people and are excited about their progress.  This last Thursday (July 18th) marked one year that I have been here in Brazil.  It is really weird to think about how fast the time is passing.  This week was full of hard work and yesterday we had a good set of church meetings.  Elder Bracken is doing much better.  There is a lady in the ward who said she is going to make us chicken feet this week for us to try!  Apparently it is pretty good but I have never tried it before.  Hopefully next week I´ll be able to let you know.  The closest I´ve ever gotten to trying it was one day when I was stirring around this chicken stew stuff that a member made for us.  I was stirring it around with the ladel and a chicken foot popped out of the water!  Other than that there is not much to report this week.  I hope everything is going well at home!  Thanks again for the letters and emails!
Love you all!

-Elder Caleb Anderson

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