Monday, December 2, 2013

Rainy Days

Dear Family,

This week was a good week.  Elder Zancheta and I are working super hard.  It is raining a TON.  This past week it even hailed a little bit.  However the rain isn´t slowing us down too much.  This week the zone went really well so we are happy about that.  This week we taught some really good lessons to some of the Lord´s elects.  I have been thinking lately about a question that one of our investigators asked us the other day.  He asked ´´do you guys believe in grace?´´.  I hvae been thinking about that question lately and about the role that grace plays in our lives.  Often times we think of grace as a thing that we will receive on judgement day that will make up the difference between our best and what is required for us to enter the Celestial Kingdom.  However grace is more than that.  Grace is something that acts in our lives every single day.  Grace is the power of Jesus Christ´s atoning sacrifice for us.  This power not only pays the price of our sins but is also the power that allows us to to things that on our own we would never be able to do.  Grace here on the mission is what helps us find people to teach and baptize, it is what helps us get through the tough times and believe that better times will come.  One our own we are capable of pretty much nothing.  So you could say that here on the mission, grace is EVERYTHING.  Without it we wouldn´t have any kind of success.  So the answer to that man´s question was an affirmative YES.  We believe in grace, pray for grace, and every day of our lives we rely on the grace of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Just a thought that I had!  Hope are are all well and thanks for the emails!
-Elder Anderson   

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