Dear Family,

This week was a good week.  However, here in Taubaté it rained a TON!  This last friday we were able to baptize a lady named Cleide.  She was a special baptism, for one because we´ve been working so long and hard to baptize and were without any success, and also because her son is serving a mission in northern Brazil.  Her son has been on the mission for about 3 months. One day we were talking to a member and the member mentioned that this missionary had been out for about 3 months and that his mother wasn´t a member of the church.  We decided to visit here to see if she would be interested and sure enough, it seemed like she was just waiting for us to come by!  She had never been interested in the church while her son was home but I think having here son gone touched her heart and when we taught her she accepted baptism!  I was really happy that she was baptized, not only for her sake but also for her son.  I can´t imagine how happy he must be now, knowing that his mom finally accepted the gospel!  I know that Heavenly Father blesses the lives of not only the missionaries but also of their families and I think that Cleide´s baptism was a blessing of this missionary´s service. That´s about it for this week!  
Love you all and thanks for the emails!


Elder Anderson