Monday, February 3, 2014

Life in the Office

Dear Family,

This week was a great week.  We did a couple days of interviews. Today was super crazy though and I didn´t really get a P-day.  It is just now that I am able to write the email.  Today we had an emergency transfer which messed with around 16 or 17 missionaries.  So we were busy with that all day and now is the first time that things have kind of slowed down.  However here in the office there is no rest for the weary, tomorrow morning we are all heading out early so that President can interview the missionaries in the zone Itaquera.  So tomorrow we will be really busy too.  I have been studying this week the importance of the atonement.  I have been stunned by how INFINITE Christ´s atonement for us is.  As human beings we can´t comprehend infinity.  There is no way for us to imagine an infinite sacrifice which involved an infinite number of people, infinite number of sins, that would last for infinity, and which required infinite pain.  The atonement serves to heal us, clean us, and lift us up.  I am very grateful for the Savior´s atonement and for the opportunity that I have to learn about it more and understand if better here on the mission.  I love you guys and hope that you all have a great week!!  Thanks as always for the emails, support, and prayers.
Love you all!

-Elder Caleb Anderson


  1. oi anderson aqui é amanda dávila como vai elder bezerra disso que vc ligou para saber como esta a ala vila industrial, todos estamos bem ,estou me preparando para servir a cristo ano que vem ,estou focada na minha missão ,espero que vc se lembre de mim o quanto eu lembro de vc.... fique com deus

    1. Oi Amanda, aqui é' a irmã do Elder Anderson. Eu sou a pessoa que posta os emails dele no blog. Ele só pode enviar emails para família enquanto ele estiver na missão, e ele só poderá ver o blog quando ele voltar em Julho.