Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Visit to Vila Galvão

Dear Family,

This week was a good week.  We did a lot more interviews and gave a few more trainings.  The highlight of this week though was on Sunday.  President Ferrin decided to visit the ward Vila Galvão to watch sacrament meeting and then watch a baptism afterward and I was able to go with him.  It was AWESOME to see my first area again.  It felt like I was back home again.  All the members are doing super well.  And when I walked in I saw one of the young men that I baptized, Yago, passing the sacrament.  It was really great to see some of the recent converts and see how much the ward has changed but is still the same.  Vila Galvão has a special spirit and I really enjoyed being there to see sacrament meeting and watch the baptism as well.  I am really grateful for the opportunity that I have had to meet so many different people here and the mission and make friendships that will last for eternity.  It was really awesome to see the change that took place in the lives of some of the recent converts.  I was really glad to be able to go back and see some of the fruits of my labor.  I don´t have much time because in about 10 minutes President Ferrin is going to pass by here to pick up Elder Caetano and I and then we are off to do more interviews!  So I am going to wrap it up for this week!  I love you all and thank you once more for the prayers, letters, and support!

Elder Caleb Anderson

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