Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference

Dear Family,

Thank you all as always for your prayers and letters.  This week was awesome because of general conference!!  I was able to watch all of the sessions, some in english and some in portuguese.  I watched some of them here at the office and some of them at the stake center.  It´s a little bit different to watch the sessions in portuguese, it lacks a little bit of emotion.  But I really liked all of the sessions but my favorite by far was the preisthood session.  Elder Oaks´s talk was incredible!  I thought that he taught some really profound principles that are important for all of us to know.  I especially liked when he said that in the priesthood their is now going up or down, but there is going forward or backward.  If we are serving with more energy an faith, we are going forward.  It was a great talk to hear and to keep in mind on the mission.  It is great that if we go to general conference with questions on our mind that we have prayed about, we can almost always receive answers to those questions.  This next week is transfer week again so we will be super busy.  Other than that there isn´t too much new going on here!  
Love you all,

Elder Caleb Anderson

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