Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Dear Family,

This week the big question that everyone had for me in their emails was "How was the world cup game?".  Well it was AWESOME.  Brasil won 3-1 however there was a call that the refs made that was really controversial.  They gave Brasil a penalty kick that gave Brasil a 2-1 lead and pretty much changed the whole game.  But it was still really fun to be here and to feel the excitement that the Brazilians have.  The game started at 5 o´clock here however the noise-making started at noon haha.  Everyone was blowing their vuvuzelas, airhorns, and car horns.  It was really awesome.  Every store, bar, or gas station has a million Brazil flags flying, the cars are all decorated, and on game day it was hard to find ANYONE on the street that wasn´t wearing a yellow Brazil shirt.  We stayed here in the office until around 4:15ish when President picked us and the secretaries up to watch the game at his house.  It was really fun and Sister Ferrin had prepared a lot of delicious foods , including bar-b-que pulled pork sandwhiches!  So we watched the game together.  Someone asked me if President gets into the games.  Well President has a lot of Brazil spirit however I don´t think that soccer is really his sport haha.  But all of us elders were at the edges of our seats.  When Brazil scored the whole city went nuts!!  Everyone was setting off fireworks, screaming, and making all different kinds of noises!  It was really awesome.  Tomorrow Brazil plays again against Mexico.  Go Brazil!  Also the U.S. is supposed to play today in a couple hours. 
Also this week we had a meeting with Claudio M. Costa (the Brazil area president who came to our mission conference about a month ago and interviewed me). It was a meeting with all of the zone leaders and their companions and the sister leaders.  It was great and he spoke a lot on the importance of faith and setting goals that are realistic.  Really awesome.  Well I`ve got to go!  Tonight we are off to a zone meeting in Guarulhos!  Love you all.

-Elder Caleb Anderson

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