Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Cup!!!

Dear Family,

This week was a crazy week full of preparations for the world cup!  This Thursday will be the opening ceremonies and the opening game will be played in Itaquera, which is one of the zones of our mission.  The opening game with be Brazil vs. Croatia and Brazil is strongly favored to win.  It is going to be super awesome and I am really excited about it.  President Ferrin authorized the missionaries to watch the Brazil games in members´ houses.  This past week we spent a lot of time going to around to the different zones of the mission and giving them trainings about what they should and shouldn´t do during the world cup.  Everyone is saying that it will be really dangerous to walk around on the streets.  Pretty much the whole country will be drunk and for some reason it seems like drunk people always like messing with the missionaries!!  So anyways the missionaries can watch the Brazil games in members houses but the other games are not authorized to watch.  And after watching the game the missionaries need a ride home, they can´t walk home or take the bus since being on the street will be very dangerous.  President Ferrin invited my companion and I to watch the game at his house so that will be fun.  Half of the people here are really excited for the world cup and half of them are outraged by it.  There are a ton of protests and strikes because the government spent so much money on the stadiums whenever the country could have benefited from that money in other ways.  Anyhow a lot of people, including members of the church are really upset with the government because of the world cup.  I think it is really exciting to have the world cup here in Brazil but the soon it is over with the better.  However, watching the games in the members´ houses will be a good opportunity to get references and build a friendship with the members and maybe even friends and family that the members will invite over.  I am super excited to see the game on Thursday, go Brazil!!  
Yesterday we had a cool experience because we were here in the office about to leave for stake conference when two men came up to the door.  They came in because they didn´t know it was stake conference week and they wanted to watch sacrament meeting.  One was a less active member that wants to return to activity in the church and the other one was his brother that has already been to church several times, has read the entire Book of Mormon, and wants to get baptized!  We took them to the stake conference with us and introduced him to the missionaries that proselyte in this area.  So hopefully he will be baptized next week!  Miracles happen!
Love you all, 

-Elder Caleb Anderson

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