Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time to prepare transfers again!

Dear Family,

Thanks again for your emails and support.  This week was a little less busy here in the office so we were able to get out into the field a little bit more and work.  We did some divisions with a few missionaries which was great.  It is so great to teach the gospel.  When we are sharing the gospel with other people who have never received it or when we are reactivating people we feel the Spirit in a completely different way than we normally would.  This morning we were able to participate in a meeting that a zone had with their stake president and with President Ferrin.  It was really really cool and the stake president pointed out something that I had never thought about.  He was talking about the story of the Brother of Jared in Ether chapter 3.  It was a long explanation but I will make it short.  The Lord gave the brother of Jared the task to solve a problem.  What was the problem?  They were going to cross the ocean in boats that would be completely dark.  So the Brother of Jared had the task of thinking up some kind of solution to the problem.  And as we know, the Brother of Jared came back with the 16 stones and with the suggestion that the Lord touch the stones to make them light up.  We can read in verse 4 that the Brother of Jared said "And I know, O Lord, that thou hast all power, and can do whatsoever thou wilt for the benefit of man; therefore touch these stones, O Lord, with thy finger, and prepare them that they may shine forth in darnkess".  Sometimes I read this passage and don´t really realize how much preparation and thought probably went into that request.  After all, the Brother of Jared was the prophet and I am sure quite a bit of thought into the things he did, especially if he was talking to God.  And we can see that he took the stones, put them in front of him, and then asked the Lord to touch them with His finger.  What do you think he was expecting from this?  What was his real desire?  Do you think that the thought never crossed his mind that if the Lord was going to touch the stones with his finger, and the stones were right in front of him, then he might see the Lord´s finger?  Of course he did.  What was his real desire?  He wanted to see the Savior.  The same desire that many prophets have had and many normal people have had.  And because of his faith and worthiness he was able to see the Lord´s finger when the Lord touched the rocks.  Anyways what is the lesson for us?  If we are worthy and have the faith we may not see the Lord´s literal finger, but we will see his hand working in our lives, we will see this through the people around us, through the situations we are put into, and through the blessings that we receive.  I know that I have seen His hand in my life here on the mission and know that He lives and loves all of us.  All we need is the faith to believe and the desire to see Him!  
That´s it for this week!  

-Elder Anderson

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