Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to the Grind

Dear Family,
This week went very well. The highlight of the week was yesterday when we baptized Lucas (16 years old). We found Lucas when we passed by the store of a member in our ward named Jardiel. Lucas worked at the store as on of Jardiel´s employees and so we talked to him for a while and he was really interested in our church. However we made this contact about 3 months ago and every time that we tried to schedule an appointment with him it didn´t work out. Until about 3 weeks ago when we finally got to teach him. The lesson went really well and he was a very fast learner. He went to church and the ward welcomed him really well. He made a lot of friends really quickly and yesterday he was baptized. The baptism was great and the spirit was really strong. Also this week we found several new people to teach and we are always receiving references from the members which is good. One piece of sad news is that next Tuesday is transfer next monday night we will receive a phone call from the district leader telling us where we will both be going. I think last transfer our chances of staying together we slim and this transfer they are 0. I expect Elder Bangerter will leave the area and go train another Elder. And I expect I will stay in Vila Galvão and maybe receive a Brazilian companion. But we´ll see. I am excited to see what happens next transfer. One fun thing that happened yesterday was that we went to two Churrasco´s (bar-b-ques)!! We had our normal lunch appointment with a woman in the ward who lives just with her three daughters. We showed up to the lunch appiontment and she gave us a ton of steak, sausage, and chicken, charcoal, and rubbing alcohol and asked us if we could do a bar-b-que for her and her daughters hahaha. I felt pretty comfortable from all the practice that I had at home until the rain hit...The rain made it a little tough but everything still turned out really good and it was fun to be grilling stuff again. So we went to that Churrasco right after church and then also Lucas´s mom (who is also investigating the church and was in tears at the baptism of her son) invited us to a churrasco at her house at 6. So we went there too and ate a ton of meat. It was so awesome although Elder Bangerter and I both woke up this morning feeling a little sick haha. Things are going well here, the work is progressing and the Lord is always putting new elects in our path for us to teach. A Igreja é verdadeira!!!!!

That´s all for this week!

Elder Caleb Anderson

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