Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome to Vila Galvão Elder Heiner

Dear Family,
This week I received my new companion Elder Heiner. He is from Mesa, Arizona and has a little more than a year on the mission. He is awesome! He´s a really hard worker and his portuguese is really good. I think we will do well together and we both have high hopes for this transfer. Elder Heiner likes to speak portuguese so usually when we are outside of the apartment we just speak portuguese to each other. It´s a lot different, with Elder Bangerter we hardly ever spoke portuguese. It was a little sad to be leaving Elder Bangerter at the mission office and it does seem a little strange to be working in Vila Galvão with a missionary that isn´t Elder Bangerter. But it is a good change and I have already learned a lot from Elder Heiner and I´m sure I have a lot more to learn. This week we had the baptism of a girl named Camila. She is 22 years old and both her brother and mom are recent converts in the church. It is kind of interesting because her mother was baptized by Elder Bangerter before I got here, and her brother was baptized by Elder Cleveland (Elder Bangerter´s trainer) when he was serving in Vila Galvão. But anyways we met here a couple of weeks ago when we had lunch at this family´s house and we asked her why she had never been to church. She said she had never gone because no one had ever invited her. So we fixed that pretty quick and then taught her a lesson. She went to church last Sunday and watched Rodinei´s baptism afterwards. This past week we taught her all the remaining lessons and yesterday she was baptized. It was a great baptism. It just goes to show that sometimes people aren´t members of the church because of simple things like never being invited to church. Other than that there´s not a whole lot to report this week. I am always learning more stuff about Brazil and Brazilian culture. It´s weird how we all live on the same planet but our cultures are so different.

Hope all is well with you back home! Thanks so much for you letters and support!
-Elder Caleb Anderson

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