Friday, January 25, 2013

Last Week With Elder Bangerter

Dear Family,
This week was a memorable last week with my trainer Elder Bangerter. We worked hard this last week and got a lot of new investigators. We had a great baptism on Sunday of a man named Rodinei (31). Even after the first lesson with Rodinei we knew that he was an elect. He has been ´´searching for God´´ for 3 years now since his son was born. He has been reading the bible and going to different church and service activities. His wife left him soon after his son was born and since then he has desperately been searching and serving God. We made a contact with him and he relized that God was rewarding him for his three years of hard work by showing him the true church. He was a great investigator and on Sunday was baptized. The baptism was great and the spirit was very strong. After the baptism everyone in the ward congratulated him and said their goodbyes to Elder Bangerter. Also since Friday we have been in a Trio because Elder McKeon is here with us until tomorrow when he gets a new companion. Elder McKeon is from another ward in our zone and his companion got sent away on an emergency transfer so he has been with us since Friday. It has been interesting to be in a trio and kind of fun. This past week we found a ton of new investigators at the ward talent show on Saturday night. The talent show brought in a lot of non members. I participated twice, my first performance was juggling mangos, and my second performance was in the hot dog eating competition. The competitors in the hot dog eating competition were me, Elder McKeon, Elder Bangerter, and our Bishop. It was a huge hit and Elder McKeon ended up winning the competition. Actually Elder McKeon ended up winning in all ways because the next day Elder Bangerter and I both got super sick and Elder McKeon was fine. Last night a family in the ward had us over to give Elder Bangerter a going away party and the lady made us a ton of food but neither Elder Bangerter or I could eat any of it because of how sick we were. So Elder McKeon was the only one that could eat the food!! I felt pretty bad for the lady but she sent us home with a bunch of fruit and a lot of medicine too. I think something was wrong with the hot dogs that we ate. Anyways the talent show was really fun and we found some really great new investigators for this week. Tonight we will get the transfer call telling us where we will be going and who we will be with. President Ferrin already told Elder Bangerter that he´s going to be training again in a different area. So that means I will be staying in Vila Galvão. The only question is who my companion will be. It´s going to be weird to be working here in Vila Galvão without Elder Bangerter but this ward is so awesome that I´m sure the work will continue on. Well that´s all I´ve got for this week!
Sorry I don´t have time to write more to you guys! Things are kind of crazy today and I am trying to send a bunch of pictures.
Elder Caleb Anderson
A few minutes later...
We just got the call with the transfer news! I am going to stay here in Vila Galvão with Elder Heiner. Elder Bangerter is going to a different zone on the beach and going to be a district leader and trainer. Crazy!

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