Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two Weeks Worth of Email

Querida Família,
So last week I didn´t have a time to send an email because of the Christmas Eve rush. It was a crazy day and I ended up going to the mission offices to get the packages for the whole zone! I ended up going there on a division with Elder Herculano. He is an Elder in our zone who has some serious problems and I was giving his companion a little rest. Anyways we ended up getting to the mission office and there were 7 huge christmas packages waiting for our zone whenever we had only expected 3 or 4! Anyways the journey back was interesting seeing as it was my first time being in charge and trying to navigate through the subway/city bus stations while carrying a ton of heavy packages was crazy. The trip took us a long time and was not very enjoyable but was worth it once me, and Elder Bangerter got our Christmas packages. We had planned on putting our packages under the tree and opening them on Christmas morning but we couldn´t waith and so we opened them on Christmas Eve. It was so great to get American candy and snacks! Plus the photos of Ariel´s wedding were awesome to finally see. We went to bed on Christmas eve around 10:30 and when we got up the next morning Elder Bangerter and I opened our gifts that we had given each other. I gave Elder Bangerter a nice tie that I signed on the back, and a pair of basketball shorts. And I received a basketball pump and a signed tie. Afterwards at about 11 we went over to Marcelo´s house (our portuguese tutor). He had a churrasco (bar-b-q) at his house and he gave us each Brazil soccer jerseys which are sweet!! Then at about 2 we went over to Ana-Lucia´s house and did skype. It was so great to see the family again and for a little while I felt like I was back in the United States. It was great to talk to the family and get added motivation to continue working hard. Afterwards we went to sleep feeling a little bit trunkie but in the morning it was back to work! We are working hard however are running into some difficulties. When I first got to Vila Galvão we got a lot of references from the members but now we have pretty much baptized them all! Which is a good thing except we were left with no one to teach hahaha. So now we are once again focusing our efforts on finding people to teach and building up our teaching pool again. I think Elder Bangerter and I probably only have three more weeks together so we are going to try and make the most of them and find/teach/baptize as many people as possible. A lot more has happened in the last two weeks but I don´t really have time to write about it all. However I will say that the last two weeks were awesome and even though being a way for Christmas was kind of hard it was by far the most spiritual Christmas of my life and I am so grateful to be here on a mission preaching about Jesus Christ
That´s all for this week!
Elder Caleb Anderson

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