Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feliz Pascoa!!! Happy Easter!!!

Dear Family,
Thank you all for your emails, letters, and prayers. I am very excited for general conference this weekend. I don´t remember ever being this excited for general conference before the mission but I am very anxious to find out what the Prophet and Apostles have to say to us. This week we had the opportunity to baptize Higor. He is 11 years old and is the son of an inactive woman in the ward. Recently the mother has wanted to return to church because she wants to raise her sons in the church. So she is returning back to church and has goals to enter into the temple soon. This baptism was really great because Higor is helping his whole family go to church and through the baptism of Higor, we were able to help reactivate his mother. Also our zone broke the record this month for baptizing!!! The previous zone record was 31 baptisms in a month and our zone baptized 32 this month!! So today I think we are going to go eat churrasco or something to celebrate.

Does Brazil celebrate Easter? Yes. In fact I think it is a bigger holiday here than it is in the States. On both Thursday and Friday people were off of work and kids were out of school. On Friday everyone has the tradition of eating fish so our lunch appointment made us fish which was pretty good. Also they have the tradition of giving each other easter eggs. Usually their easter eggs are really big and you buy them at the grocery store. They are big and filled with chocolate. They parents give them to their children, husbands to wives, and also adults are supposed to give them to their godchildren. So it was a pretty cool tradition. Also our church meetings were different on Sunday.
That´s all I´ve got for this week. Hope you are all good back home and I always pray for you guys!!


Elder Caleb Anderson

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